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Knockout Barber Shop - A pure and traditional barbershop. It represents the New Wave barbershop movement and its ambiance. Since 2014. Here, at Knockout Barber Shop, we use traditional instruments with century-long history to create the best hairstyles and do the best shaves.

It is way more than a simple hairdresser's - it is a men's community, a lifestyle, experienced professionals and personalities. It is a unique place, where comfort and honesty go hand in hand with high-class service. As well as a place where you can meet great folks and to spend your time in a great way!

To drink a beer, to play, to put your thoughts and soul to order.

«When I was creating Knockout Barber Shop brand I already understood at that time, that I am creating something killer-cool, where everyone will be able to see himself and his present, and we will also be able to change the course of history in our country and not only here. Knockout Barber Shop is a rare combination of style, quality, history, real emotions, design, fundamental values, and price!»


Edgar Rosenwald (On the photo from the left with a flag). 

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